Hi! I am a senior math major at UT Austin. I am a member of the Deans Scholars Honors program, and am fortunate to have worked with Prof. Eunsol Choi, Prof. Greg Durrett, and Prof. Richard Tsai. I am a recipient of the 2024 CRA Undergraduate Research Award - Honorable Mention.

My research is in Natural Language Processing. Currently, I am developing methods to enable language models (LMs) to be lifelong learners. I am also interested in multilingual LMs, building AI systems with strong mathematical capabilities, and transfer learning.

I will be starting my PhD in Fall 2024 at Cornell University, advised by Professor Alexander Rush and supported by an NSF Fellowship.


Shankar Padmanabhan, Yasumasa Onoe, Michael J.Q. Zhang, Greg Durrett, Eunsol Choi.



In my free time, I enjoy learning about deep learning theory and neuroscience. I am also very passionate about learning languages. Through a small amount of "supervised training" (Duolingo) and a large amount of "unsupervised training" (native media), I have become a fluent speaker of Spanish, and I am learning French and Tamil as well. Finally, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and staying active.